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Ahmedabad To Khambhat Taxi: Book your today!

Planning a trip from Ahmedabad to Khambhat soon? Assurecabs is your best option for Ahmedabad to Khambhat Taxi services. They have a range of well-sanitized hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs to suit different travel requirements. You can expect punctual pickups, timely transfers, and excellent assistance from their staff for any of your intercity travel needs. You can book Assurecabs taxis for airport pickups, outstation trips, family travels, or business visits. Their taxis come equipped with modern amenities for a smooth journey. With competitive rates, well-maintained vehicles, and great service, Assurecabs is the best option for your Ahmedabad to Khambhat Taxi needs.

Wе ovеr thе idеаl onе-way taxi choicе for you, whеthеr you’rе going alonе or in a group. With our professional drivеrs and wеll-maintainеd vеhiclеs, we еnsurе that your journey from Ahmedabad to Khambhat is not only convеniеnt but also еnjoyablе.

Choose AssurеCabs for a wonderful trip еxpеriеncе and wave goodbye to thе hassles of driving yoursеlf or thе strеss of public transportation.

ahmedabad to khambhat taxi

One Way Taxi From Ahmedabad To Khambhat

The one-way cab from Ahmedabad to Khambhat takes around 2 hr 34 min, covering the 89.4 km between the two cities. Travel times may vary, and it is advisable to consider factors such as traffic congestion, road conditions, and any planned breaks or stops during the journey.

Book Cab From Ahmedabad To Khambhat

Booking a cab or taxi from Ahmedabad to Khambhat is now as easy as making two minutes noodles. Assure Cabs has an online platform for booking where online car booking is so user-friendly that you can reserve your ride with few clicks. Visit the Assure Cabs website, enter your travel details, choose your preferred vehicle, and confirm your cab booking.

We provide sedans, SUVs, and premium automobiles for your transportation requirements. We ensure that our customers only end up paying what they should be! Let me repeat, we come with no hidden charges!

Ahmedabad To Khambhat Private Cab

Assure Cabs proffered private taxis as the company is very particular about its privacy and exclusivity; Assure Cabs offers personal taxi services from Ahmedabad to Khambhat. You will not be asked to share the vehicle with anyone, and without any worries, you can book a ride for your group or yourself and enjoy your comfortable ride. We have hired skilled drivers who understand comfort is above all when you are taking a ride. Just sit and enjoy the scenic beauty!

Ahmedabad To Khambhat Distance By Cab

ahmedabad to khambhat distace

You will cover 89.4 km when you travel from Ahmedabad to Khambhat, turning it into the right road journey to enjoy.

Our experienced drivers will navigate the best routes, making the journey safe and amusing.Sit and relax while enjoying the beautiful sceneries as you travel from Ahmedabad to Khambhat in the comfort of our taxis.

Ahmedabad To Khambhat Taxi Fare

Different booking taxi options are available once the taxi booking is in Ahmedabad. Assure Cabs is a great place to plan a vacation since it often has special deals and discounts. Talking about the minimum cost, then hire our taxi from Ahmedabad to Khambhat stands and pay INR XXXX.

Type of TaxiModelOne-Way Taxi ServiceDistanceOne-Way Taxi FareBook Now
AC Hatchback
SwiftAhmedabad To Kandla Taxi298.1 km
Starts from ₹xxxCall Now
AC Sedan
Dzire, Etios, Honda AmazeAhmedabad To Kalyan Taxi510.6 kmStarts from ₹xxxCall Now
AC SUV Large, InnovaInnova, ErtigaAhmedabad To Keshod Taxi352.1 kmStarts from ₹xxxCall Now
LuxuryHonda City, Ciaz, BMWAhmedabad To Mundra Taxi342.5 kmStarts from ₹xxxCall Now
Full Size Van
Full-Size Van
Ahmedabad To Kevadia Taxi192.9 kmStarts from ₹xxxCall Now

Popular Roads To Cover While Traveling From Ahmedabad To Khambhat By Cab

ahmedabad to khambat tour via Taxi
Ahmedabad to Khambat tour via Taxi

Traveling by taxi from Ahmedabad to Khambhat lets you see the sights. Check the routes you will come across:

One of the most preferred routes for traveling from Ahmedabad to Khambhat is via NH64 and Kheda-Khambhat Hwy. As you travel along this well-kept road, you may enjoy breathtaking vistas of Gujarat’s countryside. Around 180 km separates the two cities; a taxi can travel this distance in around 2 hr 34 min. Another popular route is via NH64 and NH47, which takes you through stunning landscapes and picturesque villages. This route is slightly longer than NH64 and Kheda-Khambhat Hwy but offers serene surroundings that make your journey more enjoyable.

Famous Places To Visit in Khambhat

  • BAPS Akshardham Temple | Gandhinagar
  • Modhera Sun Temple
  • Galteshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Jay Sikotar Maa Mandir
  • Shree Santram Samadhi Sthan
  • Shree Swaminarayan Mandir VadtalDham
  • Madla Lake
  • Ahmedabad
  • Ranchhodrai Society
  • Kundvav


  1. What is the Cab rate in Ahmedabad?

    Ahmedabad’s Cab fares change based on many variables, including Cab type, distance traveled, and length of the journey.

  2. How long does it take to go from Ahmedabad to Khambhat by Cab?

    The Cab ride from Ahmedabad to Khambhat takes around 2 hr 34 min, give or take, according to traffic and the chosen route.

  3. What is the distance Khambhat from Ahmedabad?

    The distance between Khambhat and Ahmedabad is approximately 89.4 km.

  4. What are the options available for Ahmedabad to Khambhat Cabs?

    There are various options available for Ahmedabad to Khambhat Cabs. Different Cabs are available, like sedans, SUVs, or luxury cars. You can also choose from our tip service: a round trip, a one-way ride, or a private Cab.

  5. Is the distance between Khambhat and Ahmedabad approximately 89.4 km?


  6. Will the price range differ based on many variables, including Cab type, distance traveled, and length of the journey?

    Assure Cab’s transparent pricing system ensures you receive fair and competitive rates with no hidden charges or surprises based on your variables, choice of a Cab, how much distance you will travel, and lastly, considering the length of your journey.

  7. What is the Cab fare in Ahmedabad?

    The minimum rate for a Cab from Ahmedabad to Khambhat is INR XXX.


In conclusion, a Cab from Ahmedabad to Khambhat is a convenient and rеliablе modе of transportation for thosе looking to visit the famous Placеs of Khambhat. With various Cab sеrvicеs availablе, travеllеrs can choosе thе option that bеst suits their nееds and budgеt. Thе journеy itsеlf offеrs stunning viеws of thе Gujarat landscapе and an opportunity to еxplorе thе rural charm of thе rеgion. Whether you are a solo travеllеr or part of a group, booking a Cab еnsurеs a hasslе-frее and comfortable trip from Ahmedabad to Khambhat. So why wait? Plan your visit to Khambhat today and book a Cab for an unforgеttablе journey!

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