Ahmedabad has become India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City is a matter of pride for our nation. It is one of the largest cities of India, which has a population of more than 6.3 million people.

This fastest growing city was founded by emperor Ahmed Shah, is a fine example of Indo-Islamic architecture. Mahatma Gandhi started India’s freedom struggle from this city.

Gujaratis from Ahmedabad are spread around the world due to their skills, values and deeds are shown to others. The city is not only popular in the entertainment field, but also famous for the business and the international world.

Heritage Places in Ahmedabad

Top 10 Heritage Places in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is known for its quick and rapid growth for the past decade. When you go into the depth you will come to know about the history of this Pre-Mughal city.

Situated on the bank of Sabarmati Rive it was one of the finest cities of Western India established by the king Ahmed Shah Badshah in the 15th century. Now the city has become the industrial hub of the nation. Ahmedabad boasts of a metropolis with the 6th largest population in the nation and classified as the best place to live in India as per some reports.

  • Home of the best institute in the nation

The paradise of education enthusiastic, Indian Institute of Management. This institute is globally famous for its entrepreneur production. The National Institute of Design which is a perfect place for designers and filmmakers also belongs to Ahmadabad.

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  • Perfect city for Kite Lovers

Have you ever dreamt of visiting a kite museum? Kite Museum is perfect for kite lovers. Apart from the kite museum there are multiple museums that host plenty of cultural identities.

  • Home to Mahatma Gandhi

It is the birthplace of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. The city follows the lifestyle of the great man.

  • Dry City

Ahmedabad is a dry city from the nuisances of drunkards. This also makes the people safe in this city as compared to other cities which harbor alcoholic delights.

  • City of Mills

It is an entrepreneur’s paradise. This is optimum support for the booming industry and economy. It has exquisite textile mills, that’s why it is known as the City of Mills.

  • The successful rapid transit system

Ahmedabad featured one of the successful finest rapid transit system known as Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS). It is one of the most successful models of public transport in India.

  • Gujarati food

No food can surpass this ever. The Gujarati Thali is one of its kind that offers a different taste in a single plate. It is definitive once you go to Ahmedabad.

Places in Ahmedabad which need to visit?

  • Kankaria Lake

The Kankaria lake is a hotspot for the best entertainment options like balloon safari, water rides, yoga activities and much more. You will also find Naginavadi a pleasure pavilion which hosts mesmerizing fountain shows. During the month of December you can enjoy a long week’s Kankaria Carnival. You can take and watch the horizon expand before you. Simply sit beside the water body and enjoy the rhythm of water take you over.

  • Jhulta Minar

Shaking Minarets leaves the best designers and architects intrigued by its architecture. Due to its unique features this place attracts the tourists. No one is able to understand the mystery around how the vibration is one minaret causes vibration in the next minaret. Even the passage between them remains free from vibration.

  • Auto World Vintage Car Museum

Fancy vintage cars fascinate everyone. There is certainly something remarkable in Auto World Vintage Car Museum. The vehicles here are outstanding examples of antique vehicles, motorcycles, cars, etc. Most of the cars found inside the museum are built by Hooper, Fleetwood, Gurney-Nutting etc.

  • Vechaar Utensils Museum

Can you imagine a museum of utensils which we use in daily life? Yes in Ahmedabad you can expect a utensils museum, which was built in 1981 within the premises of the Vishalla Village Restaurant seeks to preserve the cultural heritage with rare artistic skills. Here you will see the utensils made of stainless steel, brass, copper , zinc and German Silver.

  • Gujarat Science City

Gujarat Science City is built to help people develop an interest in science. This project covers more than 107 hectares occupied by imaginative exhibits, virtual activity corners and live demo which can be easily understood by a layman. The major attractions of this place are musical dancing fountains, 3D IMAX Theater, simulation rides and energy park.

  • Bhadra Fort

Bhadra Fort is one of the historical places which is home to different structures that makes a great sightseeing tour. This fort was constructed in 1411 AD during the rule of Marathas. Inside the fort there is a lush garden that attracts visitors at first sight.

  • Rani no Hajiro

Visiting Rani no Hajiro you can explore the heritage of the city. The Queen’s Tomb lies opposite to Badshah no Hajiro. It is really a pleasure to visit here that provides an escape from the hullabaloo of the place.

  • Sanskar Kendra

This is a great place for architecture students. It was designed by the famous architect Le Corbusier in the year 1954. It is located in close proximity to the Sadar Bridge, which is the finest example of art.

  • Calico Textile Museum

This has an exclusive place for the collection of fabrics, textiles, Kashmiri shawls and other items collected from remote corners of India. You can see for royal garments and attires, gorgeous saris, silk threads, beadwork, pichwai painting, miniature painting etc.

  • Law Garden

It is a well-maintained garden as well as a relaxing place in Ahmedabad. The green surroundings of the garden are ideal for a lovely time with friends and family. Couples come here to enjoy the beauty of this garden. You can find various stalls and street shops selling traditional garments, handicrafts, items, etc.

There are many other top sites to visit in Ahmedabad. Truly they are icons of the city and top attractions too. If you want to find out these places do visit them and make your trip memorable for life.

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