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Ahmedabad is also known as Amdavad.

The city is located in the state of Gujarat. The Sabarmati River runs through its center. On the Western bank of the city is the Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati which is considered the spiritual leader’s residence. The Calico Museum of Textiles is located across the river.

Places Near Ahmedabad: 200+ Picnic Ready Picked

100 Places Near Ahmedabad

#01 – Mount Abu

Mount Abu is the hill on western India in the state of Rajasthan which nears the border of Gujarat. The hill is set on a high rocky plateau in the Aravalli Range and it’s surrounded by thick forest. It offers a relatively cool climate and its view over the arid plains below the mountain. The distance from Ahmedabad is 223km by road and 173 aerial distances.

#02 – Gir National Park

The national park is the wildlife sanctuary for the people of Gujarat state. It’s the homage to several wild animals i.e.; leopards, lions, pythons, vultures, antelopes among others. The park was established in September 1965 as a forest reserve for the Asiatic lion.

#03 – Modhera

Modhera is a town in Mehsana district in Gujarat state. The town is well known for its glamorous of the Sun Temple of Chaulukya era. It’s located on the river bank of the river Pushpavati. The walls of the Sun Temple are depicted erotic symbolic of celibacy. It is believed that Lord Rama had performed yagna there to cleanse the killing of Brahmin Ravana. The temple was built in 1026-1027.

#04 – Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

The bird sanctuary is located 65 kilometers from Gujarat. Bird watching in the sanctuary is breathed taking with various species of birds. The sanctuary spans for 120sq kilometers. It has 210 species of indigenous and migratory birds, flamingoes, herons, white storks; rosy pelicans are the some of the birds that nest in the sanctuary.

#05 – Udaipur

Udaipur is also known as ‘City of Lakes‘. The city is small compared to other cities in Ahmedabad. It’s located in the state of Rajasthan. The city is a home of a series of manmade lakes. Its a hotbed of a tourist attraction with many spectacular monuments, temples, city palace. While in the city one can explore cityscape its landmarks, lake Fatehsagar, Jagdish Temple and Sahelion Ki Bari. The city is 222 kilometers from Ahmedabad. The city is the sixth most populous town in Rajasthan India.

#06 – Polo and Vijaynagar Forest

The place is both scenic and historic. The place has the largest shrine which is beautifully carved toran. The place has remained fortification of the ancient city of Polo, which stands below a hill in a valley with butterflies, birds, and perennial water spring through the year. A courtyard further into the forest with the Shiv Panchayat temples and the remains of Jain temple.

The ruins of Jain and Shiva temples that date back to the 15th century along with the remnants of the ‘pol’ signifying its status as a gateway between Gujarat and Rajasthan in the Polo and Vijaynagar forest. Vanaj dam also occupies the various creatures. The site is 152 kilometers from Ahmedabad.

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